Research Areas

In the Design Research Collective, we explore research at the intersection of engineering design, psychology, and computer science to create superpowers for designers, engineers, and problem-solvers.

People Doing Design

Humans make things happen. We study individuals and teams as they create new products and systems.

AI/ML Supporting Design

By building ML systems in response to human needs, we can give problem solvers computational superpowers.

Human-AI Collaboration

We elevate AI as a partner in the problem-solving process, helping teams achieve breakthrough solutions to wicked problems.

Application Domains

Across these research areas, we make fundamental advances in some important application domains. Here are a few of those.

Additive Manufacturing

We help designers capitalize on the new capabilities provided by additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

Marine Renewable Energy

As climate changes continues to impact our world, we design new ways to generate electricity from the power of the ocean.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Using unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, we search for new opportunities to deliver good and services to the people who need them most.